Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let me help you, PLEASE!

I was watching an older movie called "Critic's Choice" with Lucille Ball this morning, and doodled out this!

Anyways, I've always really wanted to help the comics community, in some way. Last spring I started a "Young Cartoonists Society" which was fun until it went inactive and Ning decided to stop it's free services. A bit after that, during the summer, I tried to start something called "Zine Sheets" where artists could trade little mini-comics - which was a complete flop that only about 3 people made use of.

Since then I've tried to volunteer with comics-related causes and projects run by others, but it seems no one has the time to reply to little ol' me! I'm very frustrated, what can I do to help?

If any organization involved with promoting diverse, new, etc comics or supporting such comic-creators needs a gal with tons of free time, experience with general graphic design, book design (with programs like InDesign and Quark) and most of all loves comics, please shoot me an email!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010


I just completed a 22 page comic that I started drawing on September first, which is now up on NIS! It also includes 2 bonus pages by Nikki! I'm really proud of both our work on this project.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


SO I moved my oekaki board onto the NIS.com server (bongjiBBS) and the update came with CHIBI PAINT. I tried to use it...it's like a weird mix of oekaki and opencanvas, which is AWESOME but not the reasons why I like oekaki. Dunno if I'll use it again...
that being said, you should all join the board! /PIMP


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning to Paint!

So, to make some more "serious" and observational pieces for my portfolio I'm trying to learn to do digital painting!
I'm not really interested in a soft or overly-realistic style, so I decided to go after a kind of retro bookcover thing like this or this... I really like that kind of messy and hard style!

I've never really done anything like this so keep in mind I'm still learning! This is all without reference, I'll leave that for the real paintings...

I kind of like this, but I think it looks better without the face. Is that weird?

I like the face on this one! Also check out my totally artsy initials, it's an M and a Q. CRAZY, RIGHT

That's it for now, I'm gonna keep on learning! I'm really busy lately because I'm trying to finish a 24 page comic in 15 days for a contest... Promise you'll all vote for me if I finish!