Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, last week Nikki and I went to the Center for Cartoon Studies for their Cartoon Studio workshop! It was all kinds of awesome. Here's a little report of some of the awesome stuff we learned!

When we first checked into the workshop they gave us a beautifully put-together booklet which included our schedule! Heres a peek: (all images click bigger)

I'm sure you guys noticed on the schedule that like half the day was "Studio Time," in which we worked on our own personal projects! Nikki will be writing in the next few days about what we did during that time, the fellow cartoonists we met, and what we ended up with! So look forward to that.

But for today, I'm writing about the teachers and workshops/lectures we attended! More information AND SCANS~ after the cut!

My favorite part was the lectures and workshops, we had some really interesting ones. (None of these are complete; I figured since they worked pretty hard to get this info to us, they wouldn't want us giving the whole thing away online... but I really wanted to give you guys a little taste of the kind of stuff we did, especially since me and Nikki had no idea what to expect when we got there. If anyone from the school sees this and isn't cool with it, don't hesitate to tell me to take it down, okay?)

Book Craft and Design was especially good in my opinion; it really made me think about book covers in a different way! I also loved the lecture by Steve Bisette about process and materials; but the meat of the lecture wasn't really on the handouts so I didn't want to scan them! But that guy really has a lot of tried-and-true ideas about story-telling.

Another workshop I really loved was Alec Longstreth's "Your Comics Will Love You Back." This guy is TOTALLY inspirational; he really loves comics. On his wedding-ring finger he has a ring for comics. He is literally married to comics.

The workshop was centered around this many-page booklet that was AMAZING! It was about a lot of different stuff, I would describe it as a workshop on cartooning lifestyle! It had a lot of stuff about scheduling and budgeting... it was just like, really, really useful. Here's 2 pages:

I am TOTALLY pumped about comics. I'm going to try to work on them everyday from now on!