Monday, August 9, 2010


if any awesome summer workshoppers stumble onto here please comment with a link to your pages, I'd love to keep up with you guys!


TEACHERS: I know Mickey touched on this but I wanted to say for anyone planning on going to CCS the staff is really amazing. They're nice, willing to help, and will totally boost your confidence. I especially enjoyed lectures by Alec Longstreth, Jon Chad (I love his name), and Steve Bissette who I think got everyone fangirling, he's just that awesome!

PROJECTS: after lectures about comics we had "Studio Time" which was basically free time to work on whatever project we set for ourselves. While class ended at 4:30 PM we could literally stay there all night and work on whatever we needed to. Luckily Mickey and I had a pretty good pace and didn't lose sleep like some other people did LOL...

most people started larger comic projects and inked a few pages by the end of the week while others made few-paged mini comics. At the end of the day Friday we had a Final Critique where we showed our studio group (there were ~37 people attending so we were split in half into 2 groups) our end projects and accepted critique.
    • I did a 10 page prologue to a comic called "Can't Stand Lemonade" which is about 4 battling lemonade stands who happen to be selling on one street so there's MAJOR COMPETITION. The main characters are Lo and Tack (if anyone remembers them ;D) and features them against the themed teams: Mafia Team (The Mannino's), Pretty Team, and Nerd Team. The teams go through thick and thin to steal customers away from each other.

MY COVER, super mega uber INSANE HUGE THANKS to Mickey who screen printed this for me while I was confusedly trying to get my book together! We officially mastered the One Hour Screen Print, even screen printing genius Jon Chad didn't think we'd finish in time for our Final Critique. WE SHOWED 'EM! And finished with only 7 minutes to spare

preview! The inside front and back cover has repeated lemons, again thanks to Mickey who hooked me up with Illustrator's awesome pattern tool ♥

a panel I liked...LOL

    • Mickey thumbnailed a 22 page comic taking place in Ancient Egypt. It's about a guy Adom who'd rather die than maintain his permanent Assistant-to-Pharaoh job. Unfortunately: killing himself out of a job would cut him off from the gods but fortunately: the pharaoh threatens to kill anyone who doesn't fulfill their duties to him. It's a story full of mysteries and shenanigans as Adom desperately tries to fail every job handed to him and the Goddess of Luck who happens to be crushing on him and won't let him die so easily.

preview (click for full view)! The end result (not shown) was an adorable mini book showcasing Mickey's comic paneling talent!

CLASSMATES: our classmates were AWESOME and incredibly nice. Shout out to Liz and Kathy if you guys stop by! We met so many different types of people who were all brought together by comics, it was kind of inspiring. I liked seeing how even though there were a lot of different personalities and styles everyone was impartial to each other because it was just about comics. COMMUNITY~*~* (RAINBOW) Some links I've got off-hand from people we met:

all-in-all it was a really fun experience. We laughed, we I cried, we played pinball (thanks to Alec Longstreth for the free game LOL), ate cucumber sushi, WENT TO NEW HAMPSHIRE!, tried the new avocado burger at Chili's...but my favorite parts were working so closely with Mickey and when people laughed while reading my comic. Such an amazing feeling! I hope I can get off my butt and scan/share it with you guys soon! ♥

any questions LET ME KNOW SUCKAS