Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hey you guys, so Nikki and I both drew comics for the lovely CAT ODES ANTHOLOGY COMIC BOOK which came out just recently!

If you buy it, not only will you get to read cute little comics by the Nematode in Space team (and many, many others) but 75% of your purchase goes to benefit ASPCA! HELP THOSE KITTENS, GUYS. I know, I know, nobody ever has money, but do you know who really doesn't have money? KITTENS. So help a feline brotha out.

OTHER FINE PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTED: Kostas A., Colin Abel, Claudia Aguirre, The Alec Tree, Amaloo, Mathieu Beaulieu, Nina Boyce, Heather Breckel, Greg Collins, Carl "Mamoru" Contreras, Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos, Jay Fabares, Afonso Ferreira, Jose Fonollosa, Sarah Fowlie, Kate "Poj" Greenseth, Doug Harvey, Mike Harvey, Valia Kapadai, Justin King, Kavita C. Lowtan, Lizz Lunney, Steven Nutter, O. Peláez, Taylor Pendleton, Perca, Garron Rossignol, Dr. Salt, Brittney Scott, Martin Tomsky, Jay Wulff, and Albert Yung

Learn more about and see pictures of the book here!