Sunday, August 29, 2010

At-Home Screen Printing

So I spent today making some little screen-printed greeting cards for the website!
You may be wondering how a teenage girl living in the suburbs has the money or space for a screen printing studio... the answer is: I don't! But I do have the money and space for the really, really cool Provo-Craft Yudu Screen Printing Machine.

It's a little bigger than a large scanner or something, but it has a dark drying rack (complete with fan) very bright exposure light, and even hinges for fast and easy printing.

Having done normal studio screen printing as well, I think this machine definitely gives people with limited resources an awesome taste of screen printing! But seriously, it's just a taste. I honestly can't imagine printing anymore than 50 of anything. Also, registration on this thing is a nightmare (not 1 of the 15 prints I made today lined up, but I do appreciate the offset look so no biggie.)

But, I didn't buy this thing to make perfect prints (thats what the printer connected to my computer is for) but for that awesome, authentic look of screen-printing, which it totally delivers!

One word of advice: throw out the crappy ink that comes with the machine and buy another type of water-soluble paint. Despite warning consumers not to use non-Yudu inks for risk of staining the screen, it was actually the only ink I've used so far that stains. I got ink and Diazo screen emulsion/reclaimer from Dick Blick!

A bunch of pictures of the machine and my final, two-color product after the cut!